The fact that there are now a lot of gun safes available in different shapes and sizes should be a boon for firearm owners and it is, but if you are a new gun owner, trying to find the right one can be a difficult task. Here are some things you can look for.

The first thing that you need to know is that whatever type of safe you buy, it must not be made of wood; these were the types used years ago, and are still sold in stores that sell cheap or second hand products. These cannot be relied upon to keep your firearm safe as they are susceptible to fire.

To find one that is made of sturdier material you should look for a gun safe that has a certification from the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or the RSC (Residential Security Container). What this means is that the storage has met the minimum requirements as stated in the law.

Next, check how many times the safety lock can be opened and closed without any malfunction. At the very least it should be 10,000 times. Aside from the safety lock, the container should also have several bolts along the front and sides; these are additional safeguards against forced entries.

There are also different types of locks, but in general boils down to two types: the electrical or the mechanical one. A gun safe with a mechanical contraption is held to be more secure, but the problem is that they will take a little longer to open. If you are going to use a mechanical lock, you might want to choose one that uses a special key to “lock the lock”. What this does is to prevent someone from trying to figure out the combination by trying out random combinations.

There are other levels of protection that you can look for. Although keeping the firearm safe from the robbers is the primary objective, others also want the material to be strong enough to withstand fire or even flooding. There are such containers, although these gun safes are more expensive than those that were designed for protection against burglars only.

There are also some containers that have been developed to protect them from rust and extreme temperatures. This is something that you will want to look for in a safe that claims to be fire proof. The reason is that the lining which keeps the temperature normal or cool is also the same thing that can keep a fire away. However this does not mean that those that do not have this lining are not adequate. You simply need to place the container in a dry setting.

When you purchase a gun safe, its quality is something you need to go over and scrutinize. The cost of these containers may not be cheap, but if you are going to buy a gun, you need to put it in a location that is secure, protecting it from harm and of course, be in a place where you can get it easily.

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