Cannon, one of the leading manufacturers of gun safes, also manufactures the American Eagle brand of gun safes among their line of top rated security products. They also have very competitive prices and also have great customer service and product warranty offers.

American Eagle Gun Safes also have the trademark Cannon quality expressed in their make and finish. They also have all the standard features you can expect from all other Cannon safes you can purchase. The design and construction may differ slightly from other models but this series of gun safes from Cannon will deliver the same level of security and fire protection.

Door Features

American Eagle Gun Safes have the following standard features. This series of gun safes all have

American Eagle Gun Safes

one inch steel composite doors. The lock on these safes is classified under mechanical group two. The expandable seal on the door spreads out many times over whenever it is exposed to heat thus adding protection to your stored valuables. This series uses one inch active locking bolts on the doors with multiple re-lockers and internal hinges.

Body Specifications

American Eagle Gun Safes will come with the unibody construction that Cannon safes are known for. The body will come in a 12 gauge thickness making it quite sturdy. You’ll find pre-drilled bolting holes on the bottom. There is also a pre-drilled hole for a dehumidifier installation.


The interiors of American Eagle Gun Safes are quite refined. They have upholstered shelving with a completely adjustable design. The said interiors are also lined with fire insulation to add to the safe’s fire resistance.

Fire Protection

American Eagle Gun Safes have a fire certification of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, which is pretty much standard for many gun safes out there. The door seal is heat activated and expands many times over when your safe is exposed to heat or home fires.

Added Options

You may customize your American Eagle brand gun safes according to your specific need. You can get a type one electronic lock with an elegant number pad to get added security. You may also opt for a mechanical lock if you’re not comfortable with an electronic lock. Your door panel can be custom fitted with a pistol kit, which maximizes your shelf space at a very low cost. You can also get a gun safe dehumidifier since these safes come with pre-drilled holes for this accessory.

American Eagle Gun Safes come in a formal matte black color. They come in different models that vary in weight, dimensions, and gun capacity. You will always get the same quality and protection as other Cannon brand safes if you opt for an American Eagle brand.

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