Looking at Browning Gun Safes for the first time, you may think that they are not gun safes at all. You may find it surprising that a protective vault so heavy can look so superb and can even blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room.

The wonderful craftsmanship and welds, the satisfactory fit of hinges, scroll designs, eye-catching game scenes, spoke handles that are gold-plated, and the stunning finish of Browning Gun Safes allow them to blend well to your other fixtures inside the home. It’s a good disguise knowing that they are luxurious top-of-the-line protection for your guns at home.

Compared to the outside appearance of these gun safes, the features that matters most are those that you can’t see. The inside features are really excellent and incomparable to other gun safe makers. These inside features are the ones that will really give you the peace of mind and protection not only for your guns but also for your other valuables.

Inside these beautifully finished Browning Gun Safes are the most sophisticated and security designs obtainable for our time. There are no security and safety features being ignored, there are no corners being cut, and there are no fire protection features that go unnoticed.

These kinds of gun safes have the finest locks like the most dependable and protective cam locking systems, and they are also attack-resistant and fire-resistant. With these features, you can give the kind of protection that your guns and other valuables truly deserve.

The following are the various series of Browning Gun Safes that you can choose from.

Platinum Plus Series: This is the optimum when it comes to both quality and protection. It has a

Browning Silver Gun Safe

heavy steel body measuring 3/16 inches, latest Grade VI interior package, and massive locking bolts measuring 1 1/2 inches.

Gold Series: The features include 65 cubic feet for maximum storage capacity, added can and door bolts, drill-resistant deflector plate, fire-resistant, interior light package and mirror.

Medallion Series: The gun safes for this series have features that can’t be found in any other gun safes of similar price range. They are fire-resistant, have a heavy-duty steel body, and 1 1/4 inches diameter of chromed locking bolts.

Sterling Series: This series of Browning Gun Safes is the most affordable without compromising the full features of gun safes like a massive door, advanced locking mechanism, and door bolts on each side for added security.

Copper Series: This series is fire-resistant, has a full DPX Storage System, and top door bolts for added protection.

Bronze Series: The series features fire-resistance, Force Deflector Locking Mechanism, one-inch formed door, and a DPX Storage System.

Whatever series of Browning Gun Safes you choose for your guns and other valuables at home, rest assured that the protection and quality that you deserve will be provided.

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