One of the trusted names in gun safes is the Champion brand. Whether you’re looking for protection from smash and grab thieves or to just keep the little kids away from your guns and valuables, Champion Gun Safes has the strength and durability you need. These safes are heavy and tough and they even claim to be the toughest on the gun safe market. They have four model series you can choose from – Crown, Trophy, Triumph, and Medalist series.

Security Features

Fire protection is one of the issues that all gun safe manufacturers try to address. No one wants to lose important documents and other valuables to fire. Your guns are no exception; fires that exceed 500 degrees can damage your guns as well. The internal temperature of a gun safe needs to stay below 350 degrees in order to protect your valuables.

All Champion Gun Safes have the patented Phoenix Fire Protection Standard that secures your important belongings inside their safes. This standard has four fire protection levels and each of their series belongs to one category or another. The Class I Phoenix Fire Protection standard stands at 45 minutes at 1,325 degrees Fahrenheit, which is on the Medalist gun safe series.

Their Trophy gun safe series is on Class II Phoenix Fire Protection, which is at one hour at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The Triumph gun safe series on the other hand is on Class III Phoenix Fire Protection, which is at an hour and a half at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Phoenix Class IV Fire Protection Standard is set for the Crown series, which is at two hours at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most home security safes have the basic fire insulations regardless of whatever strange

Champion Gun Safes - Medalist Series

terminology or description you might read about the type of insulation used. Gypsum and sheetrock are the basic types of insulation you’ll find in home security safes. They provide moisture to the interior of your safe keeping the internal temperature between 200 degrees and 300 degrees. Champion Gun Safes all follow this standard of fire insulation.

The body of all Champion Gun Safes is all pressure formed using A-36 carbon steel plate. The welds done on the body are all continuous and this material is also used to construct the doors. Fire insulation is added to these composite doors, which provides better fire protection than steel plate doors.

Other than the said material, Champion Gun Safes have diamond embedded armor plating. This adds protection from attacks and keeps the exterior of the safe tougher. Add an auto-relock system and you have a well-rounded set of security features to store and protect your valuables, which prevents drilling and any other form of forced entry. The only difficulty you might find with these safes is the adjustments made to keep their doors tight against the frames. Aside from all of that, there is really no reason not to by Champion Gun Safes.

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