A lot of hunting enthusiasts take for granted the importance of the right gun cases to store their hunting weapons of choice. And, many times the wrong choice has spoiled what could otherwise have been a good and exciting hunt. When it comes to cases for storing your firearms, there is no such thing as one style or size that fits all and many hunters woefully entertain the wrong notion that cases for storing their guns only serve to keep off dust, dirt and grime. While this may be partly true, the real purpose of a gun casesis to protect your firearms from damage while in transport which may cause them to malfunction while you are in the hunt deep in the woods. Nothing can be worse than facing an angry, wounded animal with a useless gun in your hands. Choosing the right case should not be a confusing and difficult task in this modern age where lightweight metals and tough polymers are commonly used to store even items that are not sensitive to rough handling such as composite poker chips and plastic playing cards. Two types of gun cases are typically available to the gamesman—the hard and the soft shell, with the former being a bit more expensive. Regardless of whether you’re hunting waterfowl with a 12-gauge shotgun or a big game hunter stalking wild boars with a heavy .30 caliber carbine or just plinking at a shooting range with a .22 caliber long rifle, there is always a case to suit your style and needs. If you are

Gun Cases

travelling by air to your favorite hunting ground, a hard case is the ideal place to store your weapon. These come equipped with soft paddings inside to absorb the impact of rough handling at the cargo bay. Gun cases with a good hard shell with special reinforcements at both ends and interior paddings that snugly fit the shape and contour of your gun will go a long way in protecting the most sensitive part of your firearm, which is the gun barrel. If you are travelling by sea or hunting in marsh land, then a water tight case is the ideal choice because it will keep your gun dry as a twig even if you accidentally drop it in the water. Gun cases with special compartments for ammunition, scope, gloves and other accesoriesmake for easy packing and carrying of your weapon. When shopping for a gun case, keep in mind the brand and model of your firearm as well as your hunting preferences just in case you need to get the help of your gun dealer in choosing the right case that will serve your intended purpose.

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