The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional guarantee in the United States that is why it is not uncommon to see citizens owning several firearms for self protection, pest control, sport or collection. Because of their potential for accidental firing if left lying around the house, these are usually kept in gun racks beyond the reach of children. Usually made of pine or oakwood, these racks blend, complement or provide accent to the living room or a den. A standard sized rack is long enough to fit the entire length of an average rifle or shotgun and come in many different configurations. There are wall mounted and floor racks and may either hold multiple guns or just a single rifle in a horizontal or vertical position. The so-called universal rack offers a clover leaf design bracket to accomodate a variety of barrel lengths and profiles—from a simple hunting rifle to a double barrel 12-gauge shotgun to a high-powered assault rifle equipped with a flash suppressor.

Unlike enclosed gun cabinets, gun racks are open and have brackets that hold the guns firmly in place. These should

Gun Rack

ideally be fitted with retaining pins or a locking bar for added safety, as well as locking bottom drawers for storing ammunition and instruments for cleaning the weapons. Gun collectors usually custom order a rack for their firearms collection to suit their taste and to make sure that these will blend with their furniture. Some gun owners prefer sturdier racks made of steel round bar with a PVC plastic sheath over the bars for protection against scratching and scuffing of the trigger component and the barrel. Avid collectors of vintage firearms, on the other hand, prefer custom built handcrafted racks made of hardwood with ornate designs making these elegant living room conversation pieces.

Guns racks are not only for rifles and other long firearms but for pistols and other hand guns as well. Just like rifle racks, these come in single or multiple pistol rack and can accomodate semi-automatic pistols and revolvers of any barrel length. Multiple pistol racks come in modular, stackable and carousel designs making them great space savers that are perfect for the limited area in your gun safe. Gun racks are not only great for your house, but makes practical sense as well when installed inside your truck or RV. These racks can either be ceiling or floor mounted to keep your weapons safely out of sight and out of the way while you are behind the wheel—but readily available whenever the need to use them arises.

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