Having a gun safe at home protects your guns and keeps them away from unwanted access. They are added means to protect your home and protect your investment. Gun safe accessories customize your safe to specifically fit whatever need or demand you might have. Not everyone will have the same space, equipment, or accessory requirements. Some of these accessories include dehumidifiers, pistol pockets, pistol racks, safe art, gun safe lighting, and electronic locks.

Lighting: The larger your gun safe the more important it is to have lighting as part of your gun safe accessories. Obviously this makes it easier to see inside your safe even for a brief glance to check if everything is in place, which simply means you won’t have to bring your flashlight every time. There are fluorescent lighting kits and light ropes that are easily mountable or installed with most safes. They may also come with a magnetic or momentary switch that turns your lights on or off by opening or closing your door.

Pistol Pockets: Pistol pockets are gun safe accessories that allow you to customize your safe and save you a lot of valuable shelf space. Pistol pockets can be mounted on your gun safe’s door. Different sized pistol pockets fit various sized doors and each type or kit will have different amounts of holsters in their packages. Of course you can always order more holsters if you need more.

When you buy a pistol pocket kit, it will usually come with a Velcro backing to make it easily attach to the insides of your

Gun Safe Accessories

door panel. Your holsters will be backed with Velcro so they can be easily attached and detached. Pistol pockets can hold various types and sizes of pistols from dessert eagles to derringers. If you have pistols among the guns in your home or office then pistol pockets should be part of your gun safe accessories.

Dehumidifiers: Moisture can really mess up your gun or even an entire gun collection. Dehumidifiers are also an integral part in your set of gun safe accessories. They do not only preserve your safe but everything else you put in it. There are several options when choosing dehumidifiers for your gun safe. Rod type humidifiers are easy to install and occupy only a small amount of space.

Silica gel dehumidifiers on the other hand occupy a bit more space but can dehumidify larger gun safes. These usually come with an indicator to signal you to reactivate your product. Some of these gel dehumidifiers come in carton boxes others will be encased in steel canisters. The steel encased humidifiers are the more heavy duty types compared to other dehumidifiers.

Gun safe accessories are integral parts of any gun safe. They are additional items to protect your investment, save you space, customize your safe, and often help preserve the items you store in your.

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