Liberty Gun Safes is one of the more popular brands of gun safes in America. The company manufactures high quality fire safes, home safes, and gun safes for a customer base numbering to more than a million. They sell safes under the Liberty and National Security brands. Their safes come with a transferable lifetime repair or replacement warranty. They claim to follow exceptional standards of fire protection and security, and it shows through their sales.

Fire Protection

Liberty Gun Safes are known for their superior fire protection ratings, which makes them an almost practical choice for many gun owners. Omega Point Laboratories conducts the tests and rates the safes manufactured by Liberty Safes. Omega Point is a recognized independent agency in fire rating. After tests are conducted, this same organization rates the fire protection level of the tested safes.

Omega Point use test methods that are recognized and established as engineering standards for any fire testing. This in itself speaks highly of the fire protection ratings you get from any of the Liberty Gun Safes on display at any store. The risk of a home fire is very real; in fact the occurrence of fire damage might exceed the possibility of burglary since thieves won’t usually bother with safes since it will take too much time to deal with one.


All Liberty Gun Safes have earned the much respected U.L. listing for Residential Security. Safes

Liberty Gun Safes

undergo thorough testing conducted by U.L. technicians in order to earn such a certification. Some of the said tests include punching, tampering, chiseling, drilling, and hammering. Tests are conducted on the entire safe – lock, bolt lock, door, and body.

The level of security you get out of Liberty Gun Safes, as well as other brands, will vary depending on the model of the safe you purchase. The cheaper value models will provide you with basic security while the premium models will have security features not found in the other models. For instance, you should expect that the thickness of the steel body and door construction of value models will be less in comparison to premium models.


Most of the gun safe manufacturers you’ll find usually offer a limited lifetime warranty for both fire protection and security. Liberty Gun Safes offer to repair or replace your safe in the event of a fire or break in attempt. As long as you own the gun safe you are guaranteed repair or replacement. You will be getting the same model safe or a model for the current year in case your model is out of stock. Liberty safes offer great security and protection features and backs them up with a very appealing warranty offer.

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