Anyone who owns a gun for either business or personal use knows it necessitates responsible handling. This also means properly safekeeping your gun using appropriate equipment. Owning a gun safe should become a particular consideration for any gun owner. Magnum Gun Safes are one of the trusted brands by many gun owners anywhere.

Before buying any gun safe, one must know what features to look for. It would be much more expensive to purchase a replacement gun safe for a poor quality one you previously purchased. Several store owners have different brands of gun safes on display often with varying degrees of quality and reliability. Magnum Gun Safes are not only reliable; they also meet high standards of quality.

Features to Consider

Size and Weight: Experts often suggest that the interior of your gun safe should have a minimum vertical clearance of about 58″. The suggested loaded weight would be about 750 pounds. Common widths are often between 36 inches to 40 inches, which is perfect for a rotary that can hold 16 guns or so. Magnum Gun Safes have different models of various sizes. They are also custom crafted to meet suggested proper weights.

Whether you need a 2000 pound gun safe for a professional installation at home or a 750 pound

Magnum Gun Safes

gun safe that has a foundation sturdy enough making it hard to move, there is a Magnum safe that fits that description. These gun safes are also designed not to be easily tipped over, which adds to its storage reliability.

Shell Strength: This is one of the important features that any gun owner should look into. Your guns should be kept safe inside in spite of fires. A gun safe’s external strength should prevent any breakdown of any of its components. Magnum Gun Safes are made of continuous wells to ensure greater shell strength.

Magnum safes are made of seamless carbon steel, which is a plate steel that is thick and reinforced. The more expensive Magnum models will have additional reinforcement like a ball bearing hard plate and steel strips.

Locking Device: Gun thieves would rather prefer to snatch guns rather than cut through gun safes. That is why experts often prefer dial locks, which remain durable and hassle free. Digital locks can also become a good alternative provided that the keypad doesn’t wear out easily. Look for a certification under UL group II for dial locks and UL Type for digital locks. Different models of Magnum Gun Safes provide all this to prevent any eventualities of theft.

Elegant Exteriors

Magnum Gun Safes are designed to have elegant exteriors. Having protection in your home won’t be worth it if your gun safe is a hideous addition to your décor. The classic look of these safes is an added touch of elegance to make them an integral part of your furnishings.

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