Presentation gun cases not only make gun sets look handsome and safe, they also protect their quality and craftsmanship. To buy the right gun display case, bear in mind the following basic tips.

Ask the following questions when examining gun cases: Is the design helpful in keeping the quality of guns intact or is it just designed for aesthetic purposes? Does the design reflect the designer’s knowledge about guns and presentation gun cases? Will guns be really kept safe in them? Will gun performance quality also be protected while in it?

A gun display case may look so arty, and yet it’s raw materials may actually do damage to the treasures it is supposed to protect. Look at some leather cases. Some are tanned using corrosive chemicals that may gradually affect the metal finish of some guns. For instance, leathers tanned chrome might do some harm. Or those that are painted over.

Leather presentation gun cases are, of themselves, good casings. But be careful with those covered with paints. It may be

Presentation Gun Safes

cheaper by far compared to other leather cases but it might interact with metal or metal finishes. Moreover, leather imperfections that naturally occur actually give guns a better and more authentic look. Aged leather gives quality to a gun display case, while painted leather does not.

Also, beware of presentation gun cases with fancy buckles or stock straps. These unnecessary adornments may only scratch and damage metal finish quality if they’re not well located and installed. When buying a gun display case with these decorations, make sure the gun metal and hardwood handle finishes are safe form being damaged.

The frames of presentation gun cases are also important to consider. Make sure they are sturdily built. Check the hinges and the locks. Make sure the handgun pair or rifle or shot gun is firmly affixed in place and does not easily get displaced.

Some gun experts and collectors prefer Mahogany or Baltic Birch gun display case frames. With other woods, especially those hard to identify, glues are used to cover the frames with a veneer that has a solid look. But with the passage of time, or when the climate gets extreme like in tropical countries, the glues may react and affect the strength of the frame.

Remember that gun quality has a lot to do with storage—how it is kept when not in use. And in this, presentation gun cases have an important role. When the gun display case is the right one for the gun quality, it even helps in improving one’s shooting experience.

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